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International Selection Policy

General information

Qualification Criteria for FIE/EFC events

Having achieved a relevant result, fencers will be considered ‘qualified’ for the remainder of the current season. For ‘entry-level’ events (that is, for Cadet Circuit, Junior World Cup, U23 Series, and Satellite World Cup), fencers will also remain on the panel for the entirety of the following season.

In order to represent Ireland at any international event, fencers must:

  • Be a current member of Fencing Ireland with a competition licence, and
  • Hold a valid FIE licence issued by Fencing Ireland, and
  • Have attended the most recent Irish Open and/or National Championships.

Policies for over-subscription of places and allocation of vacant places are discussed in the appendices at the bottom of the page. All fencers are advised to contact their relevant weapon mentor for assistance with season planning and advice on improving their performance.

Please note that Fencing Ireland is only able to request an FIE licence for fencers in current possession of a valid Irish passport.

1. Senior events

2. Student and U23 events

3. Junior events

4. Cadet events


Appeals Procedure

You can download a copy of the Selection/Nomination Appeals procedure here.


You can download a PDF copy of the selection policy here.

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