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Women in Fencing

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Our Vision:

Fencing Ireland is working hard to achieve gender equality within Irish Fencing and to encourage female participation at every age and in all areas of the sport: fencing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering.

Our Mission:

Fencing in Ireland is an inclusive sport where men and women enjoy equal access to training, competitions, officiating and management at all levels. We believe that no one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of fencing. 

We are respectful of the needs and aspirations of women and girls at each stage in their lives, in order to improve their experience in the fencing community and to also empower more women and girls to be active.

Our Purpose

All initiatives and projects under the umbrella of "Women in Fencing" are aimed at increasing the participation of women in our sport. We believe all women and girls need to know how great fencing is – at every stage in life, and at every level of ability.

As part of its commitment to Women in Fencing, Fencing Ireland is committed to 

a) equal allocation of resources, financial and otherwise, and the provision of services for girls and women. 

b) ensuring that the achievement of equitable opportunities is a key consideration when developing, updating, or delivering programs and policies. 

c) providing opportunities for leadership development for girls and women, such as referee and coaching development programs. 

Finally, Fencing Ireland is also giving girls and women a voice in the sport through online content including interviews, meetings and surveys."

If you want to play your part, we want you to get in touch with us.


Your ideas

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve the experience of women in Irish fencing and boost our numbers in all areas of the sport? If so, get in touch!

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Committee members

Chair: Annemarie Sullivan

  • Megan O'Callaghan
  • Saoirse Mcglinchey

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