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Contacts / Officials

General queries

Please address any general queries to our General Manager, Dearbhla Foley via .

Fencing Ireland Officials  

Management Committee

Chairperson – Ursula Kappus

Ursula started her fencing journey back in 2001 as sabre fencer in UCC, and has been involved with the sport ever since, both in a competitive and an administrative capacity. She has been the national Children’s Officer since 2017 and was elected to the board in 2019. She is delighted to take over as Chairperson and excited to work with Board Members and Fencers alike to increase the profile of fencing in the country and make our sport more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Company Secretary – Annemarie Sullivan

Annemarie started fencing in Ireland as an adult and is currently an active veteran fencer. She was elected to the board in 2019 and established the Women in Fencing Committee in 2022. Since September 2023 she's taken over the role of the company secretary.

General Manager - Dearbhla Foley –

Dearbhla Joined Fencing Ireland in July 2019. She looks after the day to day running of Fencing Ireland and the development and growth of fencing nationwide. She also looks after the well being of all clubs and members.

Head of Development - Colm Flynn

Colm is the Head of Development for Fencing Ireland and Development Officer for fencing in Trinity College Dublin where he is also Head Coach. Colm represented Ireland internationally as an épéeist. He captained our Men’s Épée team at the senior 5 Nations competition on five occasions. He coaches all three weapons. His role with Fencing Ireland includes delivering our schools outreach programme and developing our coaching structures.


Fencing Ireland Board

The Board currently consists of ten Board Directors, ten (including Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) being elected at annual AGM with co-option of further members by the Board where necessary Staff members attend some meetings, or parts of meetings, to brief/advise the Board

Although some Board members may be content to give out contact details, normally they should be contacted through Head Office -

Board of Directors

  • Ursula Kappus
  • Annemarie Sullivan
  • Aidan Clarke
  • Virginie Gautier
  • Fiadhnait McDonough
  • Stefania Negro
  • Megan O’Callaghan

Additional Personnel



Women in Fencing Committee

Chair: Annemarie Sullivan

  • Megan O'Callaghan
  • Rosanna Nichulain
  • Saoirse Mcglinchey

Selection Committee
Contact email address:

  • Convenor: Nuala McGarrity
  • Chair: Owen McNamee
  • Aidan Clarke
  • Benedict Chambers
  • Joana Ramalho
  • Rory Hayes

Youth Committee

  • Virginie Gautier
  • Ursula Kappus
  • Patrick Dight
  • Olga Velma
  • Stefania Negro

Competitions Committee

  • Duncan Salter
  • Desmond Gilhooly
  • John Jones
  • Nuala McGarrity
  • Aidan Clarke

Referees Committee
Contact email address:

  • Colm Flynn
  • Crystal Percival
  • James Wyatt
  • Megan O'Callaghan

Armoury Committee

  • Des Gilhooly
  • Filip Kuczera

Audit Committee

  • Philip Lee
  • Julian Smith

Delegates to FIE and EFC

  • Desmond Gilhooly
  • Nuala McGarrity



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