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Report and Complaints

Fencing Ireland is committed to ensuring that all our members can enjoy the sport of fencing in a friendly and welcoming environment. If you have experienced a situation or behaviour in Irish fencing which does not reach the standards set by Fencing Ireland and wish to report that behaviour please contact the relevant Fencing Ireland official listed below.

When required, Fencing Ireland's Secretary investigates or oversees the investigation of any serious complaints.

Safeguarding Issues

All concerns regarding safeguarding (issues involving children or vulnerable adults) should be addressed to our Safeguarding Officer, Stefania Negro, at the following email address:

Relevant child protection policies are available here:
Fencing Ireland Child Protection Policy
Child Safeguarding Statement (updated Jan 2022)
Sport Ireland Ethics

All Other Issues

Reports/complaints about any other issue should be addressed to our General Manager, Dearbhla Foley,

Relevant policies can be found here:
Fencing Ireland Policies


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