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Role Descriptions

Administration and Committees

The Board currently consists of ten Board Directors. These board members (including Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected at annual AGM with co-option of further members by the Board where necessary staff members attend some meetings, or parts of meetings, to brief/advise the Board. Nomination procedures for election to the Board of Directors is circulated each year with notice of the AGM.

As well as the Fencing Ireland board, there are a number of roles on Fencing Ireland committees with which members can potentially get involved. Details of active committees and their members can be found here: https://www.fencingireland.net/contacts-officials/ If you wish to get involved at this level of Fencing Ireland, either contact one of the members of the committee you would like to help or fill out the volunteer registration form, available above.

Armoury/Weapon Check

When Fencing Ireland hosts high level events such as an FIE Satellite, checks on athletes' weapons and equipment are needed. This is usually done on the evening before and morning of the event in question. To allow for the smooth and quick processing of all the necessary equipment, several volunteers are needed. Training for Weapon Check volunteers will take place on the job when a new volunteer wishes to take part and when Fencing Ireland is running an event involving weapon check. 

Separate to this, fencing involves a lot of equipment which requires regular repair. Fencing Ireland are committed to providing access to means for our members to learn the armoury skills needed for equipment repair. Please keep an eye on our social media accounts and the 'Events and Courses' page of our membership portal for information on upcoming armoury courses.


Coaches are crucial to the development of fencing and fencers. Fencing Ireland operates a coach training structure to develop coaches. For more information see the relevant page of our website: PAGE COMING SOON

Competition Operations Team (including Directoire Technique)

It takes people in many different jobs and roles to run a fencing event. There are separate sections for referees - a vital part of a competition - and weapons check. The key roles here include:

Directoire Technique (DT): the team who run a competition, organising the check in of fencers, planning schedules, assigning referees, working out rankings, applying relevant rules... Competitions can't happen without a DT team. If you are a well organised person who is able to work to a, sometimes, tight, schedule, this might be the job for you.

Hall set up and break down: every event requires a team of people to set up the equipment before the start of fencing and to pack it all away at the end. This team needs to work efficiently and with a clear sense of the needs of the competition and competitors to ensure the event can run well. We are consistently in need of more help on this team at events such as the Irish Open and Irish Nationals. 

Transportation: before it can be set up, the fencing equipment needs to be moved to the venue. It also needs to be brought back to storage afterwards.

To register your interest in helping Fencing Ireland with these roles, please use the volunteer registration form, which is linked to above.


Fencing Ireland's plans for future growth will need funds. Methods for achieving this include sponsorship and running fundraising events.

Volunteers, particularly those with relevant expertise or experience, are welcome to aid in this area.


Fencing Ireland is seeking to develop our social media presence with projects such as the Fencing Ireland Sits Down with... video interview series. This demands skills in a range of areas including social media knowledge, graphic design, and on camera presentation skills, among others.

We would also benefit from developing our stock of high quality photographs and videos of Irish fencing as well as shots of fencers, coaches, referees, and other members of the Irish fencing community.

Anyone with availability, skills, and ideas is very welcome to contribute to this area of our activities.


Referees play a vital role in the smooth running of fencing competitions. Fencing Ireland has a dedicated For more information see the ‘Referee’ section of our website: www.fencingireland.net/referee

Other Roles

This page does not cover all possible roles that could be undertaken to help out in Irish fencing. If you have other particular skills or interests that you think could be of use to Irish fencing please get in touch by filling out the registration form which can be found above.

Relevant Fencing Ireland Policies

Access our Volunteer Handbook by clicking on the image to the left.

The Fencing Ireland Volunteer Handbook contains the following policies:

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Coaches and Club Officials
  • Code of Conduct for Parents
  • Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Vetting Policy
  • Photography Policy
  • Protected Disclosure Policy
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